Mazal Tov!

You have been specially chosen to embark on a fulfilling quest; #MitzvahQUEST. As you continue on your Jewish journey, there are many things you have left to learn.

There are two aspects to #MitzvahQUEST. The first happens as you prepare to become a Jewish adult by becoming a bar or bat mitzvah. The second is a continuation of your Jewish adult life with Confirmation.

As a b’nei mitzvah student, this program allows you to develop your personal Mitzvah project and engage with the Temple Beth-El community as a whole.

As a confirmation student, #MitzvahQUEST is a continuation of the b’nei mitzvah program, but allows you to take a deeper look at your daily life and the Jewish values that are found within them.

#MitzvahQUEST encourages ongoing relationships with Temple Beth-El and these lifecycle events. It highlights that this is not a one-time program or event, but actually is a process.

When you are ready to begin uploading photos, videos, written material, or anything else you think would fulfill your #MitzvahQUEST board item’s individual mission, login and check each item off as you complete your uploads.

We can’t wait to see what you accomplish, learn, and share with the community!